Annoying Night

Hello peeps. Annyeonghaseyo chingus. Oh goshh, my mood had gone just now. Everybody want to blame me. Yeah! It just make me thinking about problem, not the enjoyment. Why me? Am I wrong if I want to give my suggestion? Okay, I know. I'm just 14 years old to give some suggestion.

But at least give me a change okay. If you don't want to accept it. I'll understand but please don't angry at me okay! It just give me a tension. I'm not judging you but I give some ideas. Is that wrong? Oh yeah, I'm not an adult, I'm just a little kid who know nothing.

Oh, about my title, I don't know how I'm going to tell you about it. Its very very very annoying things! Can I tell you later. Haha! Actually, I'm not in a good mood. I thought tonight is a good night like usual but it's not. My mood become spoil after the birthday boy mad at me.

It's not my fault! Everybody give him a lecture to make him realize his mistake. Is that wrong? Then he mad at me because I shout at my brother. Oh! Its so annoying. Stop talking about him! It make my mood going down down and down. Eh, everybody keep asking me how I design my blog.

Can you stop asking me that? It makes me like pffftt. I don't know how to teach you. So please, stop asking me that. Oh, sorry if I mad at you when you asking me ''how''. Before I forgot, can I ask something? I want all of you *people who know me* please appreciate my works.

If you don't like my works or what, please don't make a sense okay. At least say thank you or whatever. Sorry guys, I'm being very emotional tonight. Sorry if I make you annoying with my stories or my english. I just wanna be a good at speaking and I wanna improve my english. Thank you because read my story, follow my blog.

Lately, I'm being lazy to blog walking. If I had time, I will follow you back okay. This lately, I'm being a lonely girl. So sensitive, easy to cry. Yeah! That's just me but I love being myself! It's so fun. Haha! Okay stop nonsense, gonna take a rest for a while and sleep. Annyeong! Bye!

New Blockquote. Comel kan? *perasan XD

si pencoret : yanie ^_^

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