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Hello peeps. Annyeonghaseyo chinguss. Today I'm feels like annoying someone and pfftt. I don't know what am I going to do to face my last Saturday this weekend. Oh, I'm going back to my school again. At first it maybe sounds very exciting but it's not. I'm gonna miss this holiday.

I don't want to be a PMR candidate. Please, can I just skip the years? Or can I just marry someone that I like?Oyeahh, it maybe sounds like I'm very excited to be a mom. I don't want to be mom, I just want to be someone's wife. Haha! It's sounds weird right? I have a big a big dream but I don't want to work for it. Can you just give it to me. LOL

O, can I sit in December forever. It treats me well this year, I have everything that I don't had at the past. But I'm lost something that I love most, my phone. I had lost it long time ago. O, I don't want to remember that silly things again. It can make me cry. Pfftt. Yeah, this year I spend most time to crying over something that just had being my past.

January 2012, Please be good to me
O January, I'm begging you. Please be good to me. I do not having a good time this year. It's really mean, feels like it killing me inside it. Can you make my day? Can you make my wishes come true? Please say yes my dear. I've done so many idiot things this year, I don't want it to happen again. Let bygone be bygone. It's just my past and I don't want to remember it again.

Dear brain, can you forget that silly things? Can you get rid it out of my mind? It's sounds really annoying and I love being annoying to anyone that I love. Before I forgot I just want to improve my english by update my post in english. Sorry for my broken english. Anyone! Can you please teach me how to improve my BI. It's already midnight and I want to get some sleeps. Annyeong! Bye!

si pencoret : yanie ^_^

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