Goodbye 2011 Welcome 2012

Have a good time

Hello peeps, annyeonghaseyo chingus. I think its time to leave 2011 right? I still have one more days to leave it. I really excited when I know I'm gonna leave 2011 soon. But I'm not ready for 2012 yet. It's weird right. It so terrible when I'm gonna be a fifteen soon. Oh please, don't tell me I'm a PMR candidate soon.

But I have to accepted it, it is a fact. Among the years that I have been trough it, 2011 is the worst year ever. This year I spend most my time on crying, crying and crying all day. So sensitive, but that's me. I guess this year is so mean. I don't wanna trough it again, I'm being so lonely. Like tonight, I don't have a friends to talk to.

But I guess I have to say goodbye to 2011. I will miss you my dear. Tonight, I'm crying again and again. Well, looks like you're so happy with her. I'm glad that you're happy with her. Hewhewhew, I don't want to cry again! O 2012, can you make my years feel awesome.I just want to forget him. :/

I have a mix post right? My post had be like ''Rojak Buah''. Haha! Sometimes people weird with me. I'm from SMA's school but why am I speaking in english not ''Bahasa Arab''. Well, the truth is I'm not good in that thing. I'm not good at all, just a little bit. Actually, I'm not interesting to learn ''Bahasa Arab''.

But I don't want to let down of my parents, so I decided to enter the school and make them proud. So far, I'm just make them let down of me. I had a bad result when I in form 1. So sad right? But this year I promised to myself and my parent. I want make they proud of me. I don't want my parents get sad because of me. Can I make it?

Oh, I'm really not sure about myself. How I'm going to success. Come on Yanie, you can do it dear. LOL! *bagi semangat kat diri sendiri* Okay how come it Bahasa Melayu there's? Let it be okay, I'm proud of it. It's not wrong right? Sometimes I had spent most 1 hour to make post in english. Funny right, actually I'm not very well in english.

But my sister make me proud of her. She spend all time with her english and korea. She learned korea by herself? That's make me more proud of her. She so good in BI. I hope I can be like her one day. To me she's good at everything although sometimes she's very annoying. O, it's already late, I think I'm gonna have some nap. Annyeong. Bye!

O teacher, can you make our January as Awesome as December?

si pencoret : yanie ^_^

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Anonymous said...

baru cuti eje through pon salah? trough or through? Hehe.