What A Bored Time I Had :')

omo! XD

Hello peeps. Annyeonghaseyo chingus. Okay, aku tahu setiap kali aku update mesti ada perkataan 'BORED'. Yes, I know. I'm a bored girl, okay dah stop nonsense. Semua orang dah ramai yang sombong bila dah nak buka sekolah ni. Everyone has change, semua yang pernah baik dengan aku dah tak tegur aku. *not my school friends okay*

Untunglah semua dah sombong kan? Okay, aku pon nak jadi macam tu. Boleh ajar tak? Bila aku tak balas IM, mention hape semua cakap aku sombong. Tapi bila aku hantar IM or mention orang tu. Haramm tak nak balas. Okay tak terasa sangat pon, terima kasih sebab balas camtu kat aku. Lately, I'm being very very very emotional and sensitive person.

I don't know why I'm being like that, since that problem keep playing in my mind. I could not stop crying and crying is the one of activity that I do in my daily life. Yes, I know that I'm so silly cause I'm being very emo this lately. And I easily to mad at people even I know she/he is not innocent. I can't control myself from this feeling. Sorry guys, if I made you angry at me.

O, before I forgot something. I still have a few days before the school starts. O, I'm being so lazy when the school is open. I'm so bored with study, homework and etc. Oh no! I'm a PMR candidate next year? Can I just skip the years. Oh, my minds full of enjoy, hanging out, boyfriend and etc. Boyfriend, it's just ''kawan lelaki''. I don't have someone special right now. Okay, I'm lying. LOL

This few days, I cannot sleep at all. What am I going to do is force my eyes to close! Yeahh! That's really mean. Today is the last tuesday in 2011, I'm not ready yet for 2012 soon. I really miss my friend but at the same time I have to study hard to face the war. I want to make my parents proud of me. How, can I do that? This holiday, I spend most time with internet not the books.

My minds keep saying that ''Alah, masa cuti macam ni je boleh enjoy. Bila dah buka sekolah nanti dah tak boleh.'' Okay, I'm just thinking about having fun not study. Haha! How can I face the 2012 soon. It is same with 2011? Oh no! I don't want the same things happen again. O, my life is so mean. Feel very sleepy now, gonna take a nap. Annyeong! Bye!

si pencoret : yanie ^_^

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